Ultimate Steps to Improve Laravel Application Performance

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

In today’s world of technology and innovation, Laravel has become a popular framework globally for developing enterprise applications, websites, and e-commerce apps. Businesses worldwide hire Laravel developers for completing a range of IT development projects.

In a short duration, Laravel development Netherlands has become the preferred choice of many businesses in the UK. Right from its inception, Laravel has maintained a top position and has performed brilliantly. Keeping in mind the built-in functionalities, top-notch security and performance, along with superior community support, many businesses prefer to hire Laravel development experts for their projects.

To ensure that Laravel developers get the best out of Laravel, it is essential to optimize the performance of Laravel.

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks for Laravel performance optimization and increasing the speed of Laravel websites and applications.

Make use of Eager Loading of data

  • When using Laravel to get data from the database, a lot of data is loaded on demand.
  • When executing any query in Laravel, Lazy execution of the query happens.
  • The process of lazy loading slows down the application’s performance due to a large number of queries to be executed.
  • Lazy execution happens when dealing with relational data. For example, searching for books and authors.
  • It is important to hire Laravel development experts that know about Laravel’s Eager Loading feature.
  • Businesses that hire Laravel developers need to keep in mind that eager loading improves the query execution time and reduces the number of queries.

Route caching

  • Many apps may have a number of routes and customizations.
  • The route caching tool helps to enhance the Laravel performance by allowing the array to load faster.
  • Executing the artisan command help Laravel developers to cache routes easily.
  • For effective route caching, the following command needs to be executed:

php artisan route: cache

  • For clearing the route caching, the following command needs to be given:

php artisan route: clear

Limiting the use of packages

  • There are new packages available in the open source community for Laravel.
  • When companies hire Laravel development experts, they need to ensure that only the relevant packages are being used.
  • Adding more packages along with their dependencies will increase the size of the application, resulting in its slow performance.

Config cache

  • Laravel offers a feature named Artisan, which is a command-line tool.
  • Artisan can help boost the performance of the application by a great deal.
  • Just like we have route caching, use the artisan command given below:

php artisan config: cache

JIT Compiler

  • In Laravel, translation of PHP code to bytecode is needed for execution. This process is time consuming.
  • The use of Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers ensures that the translation process is not repeated every time.
  • HHVM by Facebook is the recommended JIT Compiler for Laravel apps.

If you find all these Laravel application optimisation steps overwhelming, you can use Laravel development services Netherlands or you can hire a Laravel developer in the Netherlands.

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