Our client Altermedia is one of the leading advertising companies in the Netherlands. The company offers advertising services in the Netherlands and Belgium. The USP of the company is to let its customers reach its targeted audiences at the right time. The company offers advertising on different platforms such as truck, taxi, mirror stickers, WoW screens, etc. Altermedia wanted to build a web app that can help them administer truck advertising campaigns. The ultimate goal to be achieved from the web app was that truck ad campaign management becomes easier and faster for their clients and themselves, both. Moreover, the company wanted to gather key performance metrics such as the current location of the truck, how many people watched the truck ad, how many regions got covered by the truck, etc. Altermedia was seeking to build a web application that is robust, scalable, and secure. This web app would get accessed by customers and admin. Therefore, web app development experts need to consider building apps for both types of users. With their requirement of web app development, they contacted us. From proposing the right web app development technologies for building and deploying the web app; we successfully delivered the product the company was seeking to have.
The benefits of Orange Genesis
We strive for high customer satisfaction. That is why we offer the following benefits in the projects we handle:
Laravel, Vue.Js, HTML, CSS
Laravel en Vue.Js
Web apps for admin to manage ads and customers and allow customers to manage truck ad campaigns.
Key Features
  • Tailored web app layout designing
  • Laravel development to build the backend of the web applications
  • Vue.Js development to build the frontend of the web application
  • Customization of the frontend design of the web apps
  • Customer management module for admin
  • Truck advertisement campaign creation, update, delete features
  • More than 70.45% of the increase in productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Easier truck advertisement campaign management
  • Clear and accurate statistics
  • Improved results from the truck ads based on the clear data
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention
Solution we provided to our client
We proposed Laravel development to build the backend of the web applications and Vue.Js development to build the frontend of the web applications. Our innovative designers designed the themes for web apps. On the other hand, our team of Laravel developers and Vue.Js developers built web applications with all required features and modules. Our backend developers have also integrated APIs of route 42 to track latitude, longitude and other data to track the performance of the ad campaigns. Our web app developers have also integrated multiple security mechanisms to ensure that customers of Altermedia and the admin of the company can securely access all features. This web app is successfully delivered to the company and currently, it is in use by Altermedia for its truck advertisement campaign management. We have an ongoing relationship with the customer and we will deliver the required frontend or backend development services for the delivered web apps or future projects of the company.
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