Partner at Orange Genesis IT, Sebastiaan has been here for 7 years, starting with the development of websites and working with software, and later moved on to the development of mobile applications as well as backend systems. Through his specialization in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Marketing Strategy, he is impeccable at his work. After taking over a bigger role with Orange Genesis IT, Sebastiaan controls a lot more of the company, including hiring people, taking care of their wages and salaries, as well as other managerial responsibilities. The prognosis of Orange Genesis IT over the last couple of years has been interesting and he is eager to make a name for the company and sees it going much further. Since they have discontinued outsourcing developers and hired their own, Wessels concentrates more on their own projects since they have the freedom to do that now. Assuming responsibility and taking the company further in order to widen the superstructure of the company in the future are top priorities for him.

Our Director at Orange Genesis IT, Darshana, comes with ample experience in the field of developing gaming/applications over mobiles, Smart-TVs, Kiosks, Big Data as well as Banking Channels. With her deep understanding of business values and technical and functional expertise of proposed solutions, building strong working relationships with prospects, customers, partners, sales teams and delivery organizations.

Armed with an MBA from IGNOU, and former experience as a director with Devlon InfoTech in the IT service industry, she is extremely focused on planning and managing large scale projects. As a business analyst, her primary responsibilities in the past have included gathering & elicitation, gap analysis, change management, testing and supporting implementation for business transformation and automation in financial services industry. Her primary responsibilities involved conducting requirement workshops, developing business and functional requirement specifications, creating test plans, conducting opportunity assessment, As-Is & To-Be modelling and solution assessment & validation. Being adaptable and goal oriented in her approach makes sure her team stays motivated and while effectively dealing with changes or unforeseen issues that may develop.


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