Main benefits of Orange Genesis

We want to make happy customers, which is why we especially offer the following benefits while working together

Select your own developers

On request we can send you developers' résumés so you can choose your preferred developers to work with.

Happy customer program

We aim for efficient communication with the client so we have clear guidelines on delivering the ideal project.

Save on development cost

We run our business efficiently and are ready to offer very competitive prices on projects.

Experienced Management

We have managers with experience in multiple areas of expertise to provide the right guidance in handling projects.

Clear procedures

We note down everything in a contract without extensive terms and conditions, to give clarity about what has been agreed.

No hidden costs

We can always provide a quote quickly, with a clear overview of what we offer within that cost.

Select if you want hourly billing or a fixed price

Depending on your project, we offer two types of price models.


When clients have larger projects and when they have recurring work, they often choose for an hourly model. In this model we keep a registration of hours and send invoices accordingly. You can also buy a pack of hours in advance.

  • Monthly invoices without unexpected costs
  • Proper registration of hours
  • Flexible model in case of new requirements
  • Discounts for larger amounts of work


Sometimes people can prefer a fixed-price project because of the certainty it gives for the total price. We can offer this model in case of a clearly defined scope of the project in advance.

  • You know what exactly what project will be delivered to you
  • The price will be clearly stated in the contract
  • The price will only change if the requirements change
  • Can be paid in seperate milestones

Unique selling points of Orange Genesis IT

IT development has it's own challenges and points of focus. This is why we ensure that we can take care of those challenges. Our teams of employees are specifically assembled to make sure we can meet your requirements.

Multiple skilled teams of developers

We have created several teams of developers, each with it's own specialization

More than seven years of experience

Not only our developers, but also our management has good experience with a number of projects

Set up your own project management or use ours

We are ready to work in your project management tool but we can also provide this for you.

Training program for our developers

We keep our developers up to date with the latest technologies and advancements

Accurate and shared time registration

We want to give you insight into our work, and we do that by also sharing the spent hours with you

High availability of our team

We ensure that we are available outside office hours as well and in weekends on request

The hiring process

We aim to give a clear procedure for hiring one or more of our developers. We use the following procedure throughout our cooperation


The Selection Process

We give you the option to select your own preferred developers

  • First we need a clear description of the type of project and requirements.
  • Then we send the résumés of the developers we think will fit best.
  • You then get the option to talk to the developers directly or let us choose.

The project cooperation

Good cooperation and communication over the course of the project

  • We will set out milestones for the project and stick to the given timeline.
  • Then we make sure the developers are available for sufficient hours.
  • We keep track of the hours worked and communicate them with the client.

The projects completion

We make sure projects get completed in a proper and timely manner

  • We keep track of what's needed to complete a project, or a part of it.
  • We can upload projects to your server and also to the app stores.
  • We stand by our work and provide support also after a project's completion.

Free Consultation

Would you like to discuss your project with us?