5 Things To Consider When Developing An eCommerce Website

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant


If you are about to develop an eCommerce site, first of all, decide which platform would work best for your eCommerce business. There are a lot of different systems available that can manage the content of your website, like Magento, Joomla, WordPress and more.

While we all know WordPress being one of the best platforms amongst all available platforms, it is also a favourite amongst the developers as it offers various plug-ins to use.

But Magento is one of the most widely-used platforms, especially when it comes to eCommerce site development. This widely-used platform makes it easy to build an e-store and manage to showcase a thousand of products online.

Security of the eCommerce website

In today’s time when hacking and data stealing happen frequently during online buying, you can’t afford to have any loopholes in your site’s security parameter. Having strong security for your website is strictly required for you and your customers’ safety.

So first, obtain the SSL certificate for your online store as it establishes a secure connection to transmit the data and gives your customers an authenticated shopping experience. In case you collect your customers’ personal information through forms, obtaining an SSL certificate is compulsory.

HTTPS is a standard encrypted platform used for your client website’s communication. It wraps your data in secure SSL packets before sent as well as after received.

Not only this, but HTTPS also helps you enhance the SEO ranking of your website.


When you talk about the design of a website, choose the one with minimal elements that look neat and classy, with, of course, some direct and wise CTAs.

Next, consider whether you’d like to go with a ready theme and expand it or you’d design your own theme with custom graphics.

In case you choose a custom theme for your website, you may see it costlier than the one with pre-made graphics. However the former one may offer you more functionality, you’d find the pre-made design themes mostly free. Isn’t it a great advantage?

But if you go with a ready theme, make sure that it is regularly updated and that they have easily accessible contact details in case you stop somewhere.

The last and most important point to keep in mind is to see whether your chosen theme is responsive or not because if not, your site cannot be operated across various OS which is really a major drawback.

Add eCommerce plug-ins to add more functionality to the website

WordPress has plenty of plug-ins available for eCommerce sites like Shopping, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify, WooCommerce and more to make your website more functional.

Do effective SEO to have more organic traffic for the site

If you wish that your best buyers can see your product showcase before your competitors, make your eCommerce website SEO-friendly which means you need to make your site come in first search engine results.

For this, keyword analysis is required which would analyse some terms that are widely and, most commonly used by your customers to purchase your products. You may take help from Google keyword planner which effectively helps you manage keyword research. Then, add relevant words to item names as well as descriptions. Analyse and update these keywords occasionally and find new keywords for more effective SEO of your eCommerce website.

If webpages have SEO-friendly title-descriptions, it’d uplift website rankings. However, META descriptions may not raise rankings, they’d+7* surely help you get more clicks. For product URLs, all you have to consider is that they must include precise product names and must not be over-lengthy.

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