An essential part of a project starts with wireframes and designs to make it look professional. For any business who wants user friendliness in their custom software or a web app or a mobile app, design plays a crucial roles and our designers delivers right as per their expectation.

Our expertise with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML & CSS, JavaScript skills gives us the ability to deliver professional graphic design services to major corporations be it small, medium or large firms. We craft awesome & thoughtful graphic design that changes the way we connect with our clients. We also help our client’s internal design teams to guide them throughout the process and can also work with designs provided by them to implement in the project.

Our service offerings include Ui/Ux design, Logo Designs, Brochure Designs, Catalog Designs, Flyer Designs, Brand Design & Rebranding etc. Our clients finds it easy to work with our experts since they are well versed with communication skills and understands what our clients expect.

The challenges to create the perfect design
There are several challenges which need to be met to make the perfect design. With a lot of competition out there, we know what to do to make a design really stand out.
Challenge to create designs
Here are some of the common problems with creating designs:
  • Clients expect shorter design times
  • Creative layouts are very demanding nowadays
  • Projects are required to be updated with the latest design trends
Our graphic designing solutions
To handle these problems, we take the following approach:
  • Experience with efficient designing practices
  • Effective analysis of customer design requirements
  • Following the latest design trends and guidelines
Main points of focus
When working on graphic designing, these are some of the areas we mainly focus on:
Complete functionality
Of course first and foremost we need to make sure that everything on the website works. Broken functionality is obviously the biggest problem a website can have.
Intuitive layout
A lot of science goes into the layout of a website. There are multiple factors into making it as easy as possible for visitors to understand how a website works.
Performance and responsiveness
We always optimize our websites for a good number of resolutions. Besides that, no one likes a slow website, so we have spent a lot of time in researching all measures to improve loading speed.
Our Related Areas of Expertise:
As an IT development company, we cannot just specialize in one thing, as many areas of expertise are often related. Therefore we have experts working in the following related areas:
Unique selling points of Orange Genesis IT
IT development has it's own challenges and points of focus. This is why we ensure that we can take care of those challenges. Our teams of employees are specifically assembled to make sure we can meet your requirements.
Multiple skilled teams of developers
We have created several teams of developers, each with it's own specialization
More than seven years of experience
Not only our developers, but also our management has good experience with a number of projects
Set up your own project management or use ours
We are ready to work in your project management tool but we can also provide this for you.
Training program for our developers
We keep our developers up to date with the latest technologies and advancements
Accurate and shared time registration
We want to give you insight into our work, and we do that by also sharing the spent hours with you
High availability of our team
We ensure that we are available outside office hours as well and in weekends on request
Select if you want hourly billing or a fixed price
Depending on your project, we offer two types of price models.
When clients have larger projects and when they have recurring work, they often choose for an hourly model. In this model we keep a registration of hours and send invoices accordingly. You can also buy a pack of hours in advance.
  • Monthly invoices without unexpected costs
  • Proper registration of hours
  • Flexible model in case of new requirements
  • Discounts for larger amounts of work
Sometimes people can prefer a fixed-price project because of the certainty it gives for the total price. We can offer this model in case of a clearly defined scope of the project in advance.
  • You know what exactly what project will be delivered to you
  • The price will be clearly stated in the contract
  • The price will only change if the requirements change
  • Can be paid in seperate milestones