8 Stunning Motion Graphics Trends

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

In these days, people fascinate the attachment with digital media, which revolves around various types of digital content. Of all, visual content is loved and preferred most over all others when it comes to engaging the audience. Neither a blog nor a steady image-based content- Nothing can beat the effect of a beautifully animated film with a clever call to action! Although written content is used to drag the potential audience, it is eye-catching graphics that attract the customers more. However, various terms are used to define these moving graphical elements such as animated content or illustrations or motion graphics etc. but the gist of this graphic to wisely convey your message remains the same.

These moving graphics were firstly introduced somewhere around 20 years back and since that time; it has been evolving a lot. And today, the entire digital media rely majorly on this motion graphics industry. The need for such talented motion graphics artists has increased over the past few years because everyone wants to become the ace in their business sectors and nothing can beat the impact of animated visual content.

Modern motion graphics artists of today’s era use various modern tools and techniques that help them create the content which directly reaches the audience. So, here are some really popular design patterns of all time of this design industry. Take a look:

No. 1 Broken text

As we all witness every day, the animation is a huge part of websites or television AVs. Broken Text might not be the latest idea in the industry, but a popular one, for sure. This one is to break down the text in various typographic patterns. This motion graphics technique can make your design all alive. The text can be scattered around the screen or can be blinked alternatively or maybe, something else. This technique can add a tune to the entire visual content.

No. 2 Kinetic typography

You might have noticed some moving letters or animated written conversations in a digital advertisement or somewhere else. This is called Kinetic Typography. It is an art of manipulating and moving the letters in a way over the screen that it looks really attention-grabbing. This may include various techniques like the wrapping of the words, expanding or shrinking them, zooming in and suddenly zooming out the words, etc.

No. 3 Seamless transitions

The transition of objects is the life of the animation industry without which it is almost impossible to make your content visually appealing. Modern artists love to use smooth transitions of minimally designed elements to achieve a contemporary animation material. Seamless transitions are the amalgamation of versatile animation techniques that add fluidity to your motion graphics.

No. 4 Liquid motion

Animators use this technique to give their content a natural touch. Right from turning colour splashes to visually appealing material- Liquid motion offers your content float flawlessly across the design screen. By adding a movement and a dramatic essence to your content, Liquid Motion takes motion graphics to an all new level. By using this animation technique, motion graphics artists of modern time add a celebratory touch to your Audio Visual or Advertisement.

No. 5 Thin lines

Even a layman can tell that lines are one of the most basic elements of design which can be used for various purposes such as finding outlines, pointing the directions, defining separation amongst various elements, etc. By playing wisely with thin lines, animators can add a geometric essence to the content. This concept is majorly used in industries like infrastructure and real estate as well as education.

No. 6 Grain

The audience of these days likes minimal yet precise and crisp digital content. Your material must not be dull, but neat and direct! Here comes grain in the picture. It adds a texture to the boring, dull design elements. Motion graphics artists use grain to transform their 2-dimensional objects into textured objects which ultimately makes your visual content classy and more engaging for the viewers.

No. 7 Digital surrealism

It is all about integrating the real elements with the unreal ones, i.e., the imagined and animated ones. Digital surrealism is one from the kitty of modern design animation practices. It is about portraying various virtual elements in such a way that it looks variant and crisp. While expanding the seamless design elements, this animation technique is used to create some really attention-grabbing and wow-worthy effects.

No. 8 Mixture of 3D and 2D

Any artist would always love to make a unique piece of content. And to make such one-of-its-kind art pieces, they generally try using a mixture of different animation techniques. An amalgamation of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional technologies is one of such many examples. By mixing modern 3D patterns with subtle 2D patterns, they make wonders in the animation industry. This combo of 2D and 3D allows the artists to play around with different camera angles and movements to add a contemporary touch to your audio visual content.

Whether it is a simple social media business post or a cleverly-animated television Ad-audience of this era continues to fascinate the digitally visual content. And hence, the only way to ace the digital industry is to create visually appealing masterpieces that suddenly engage the audience. And to sustain this engagement of theirs, you need to be updated with all good upcoming tools and techniques of motion graphics. This way, you can make use of such cutting-edge tools and techniques to add life to your visual material. And with a great amalgamation of advanced tools and wise content, nothing can stop you from mastering the art of creating exquisitely animated content.

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