Analysis of the Average JavaScript Developer and Their Favourite Tools

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Although there are a lot of new languages coming for programming, JavaScript will remain on the top forever. This year, a Stack Overflow survey having an insight of almost 90000 developers was done, which gave some really good details for the technical community. This latest research based on Stack Overflow has something to share about average Java developers and what all are their preferred technologies and tools.

Of all these developers, most who acknowledged them as primary JavaScript Developers said that they can be called as a Full Stack Developers. These developers mostly work on both the front end technologies viz. native platforms, backend technologies run by servers and web applications.

If the original type of JavaScript is considered as a web scripting language, there are a lot of developers who can be called as the backend developers, which is really quite surprising. And this might be because Node.js is getting more and more popular as for the JavaScript language’s server-side runtime.

Nevertheless, various JavaScript frameworks increased resourcefulness to this language. For e.g., React Native offers using JavaScript for mobile application development. And Electron is one similar platform to JavaScript which enables building such mobile apps.

If various JavaScript developer roles are observed, this resourcefulness is automatically seen. In the list of JavaScript Developer positions, Enterprise or Desktop application developers come first and then come mobile application developers, students as well as system administrators.

If frameworks are talked about, JQuery is yet in the first place, which is generally used to solve this script’s problem and hence, it’s again a surprise to have JQuery in the first place.

Following three are some more popular frameworks. React Native is on the second place which is used in mobile application development followed by Google Angular and server-side ASP.NET on the third and fourth place, respectively.

Apart from Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, too, is amongst the most preferred tools by the developers. Microsoft IDEs’ acceptance has boosted the usage of Microsoft Typescript, having the support of both.

On the second number amongst some famous IDE-supported JavaScript, React, Typescript and Angular, there comes IntelliJ Idea but if we see which one is overall popular for developers, code editor Notepad++ wins the race.

If we talk about the top 4 in databases, MySQL is in the first place, followed by PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite being on the second, third and fourth place, respectively.

Most of the JavaScript app developers prefer Linux first and then, Windows. And after these both, come Docker, AWS- public cloud computing platform, Android OS and MacOS.

If the overall survey is observed of these JavaScript Developers, mostly, their preferred tools are common, apart from a few wonders being there.

In a nutshell, henceforth, JavaScript stays a proven favourite language amongst the developers having its popularity increased day by day.

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