Apple Introduces Swift Numerics to Support Numerical Computing in Swift

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

An Apple representative from the team of Swift Standard Library announced the Swift Numerics which is open-source whose aim is to incorporate the Swift language to various domains of programming.

Introduction of Swift Numerics

In general, Swift Numerics is nothing but a package that consists of some fine grained modules which are classified broadly into two major categories. The first category is about the modules which are so much to include in the standard library nevertheless they are common enough to include in a common single set. And the second category is made of modules that fall under potential future addition’s active development.

At present, Complex module and Real module are two modules which are highly demanded, from Swift Numerics. The ‘Real’ is to provide with functions of general mathematics for SE-0246. However, the proposal of this is accepted widely, it is pretty much difficult to add some new functions to the standard library due to some compiler limitations. Real offers match functionality in a discrete module which programmers can readily use.

Having come with an introduction of Complex numbers over the Real ones, this Complex module majorly covers the general arithmetic operators and protocols such as general Hashable, Numeric, Equatable and Codable ones. The complex module makes Fourier transformations as well as signal processing, etc. much easier.

Swift Numerics modules come with only a slight dependence on others. Here is an example- If standard libraries of C and Swift are available, that is the only requirement for current modules for runtime. Apart from this, under defined guidelines and license, Swift Numerics package, just like the Swift (Apache license 2.0) project is open-source as well.

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