Comparison and Differences between AngularJs and ReactJs

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

The number of JavaScript tools is constantly increasing, thus making it quite a challenge for web development companies and developers. Both AngularJs and ReactJs are advanced and robust JavaScript frameworks used by numerous front-end developers around the world. Both AngularJs and ReactJs resemble each other in architecture.

So, which one is better? How are both of them different from each other?

This blog will focus on the differences between AngularJs and ReactJs. A comprehensive analysis between both of these frameworks will provide you with valuable insights so that you can choose whether to choose from AngularJs development and ReactJs development.

What is Angular?

Angular is a structural frontend framework introduced and maintained by Google. Angular Js development is one of the most preferred choices for developing dynamic web applications and websites.

What is React?

React is a large open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook. ReactJs development makes it possible to create interactive and engaging user interfaces by developing UI components.

Here is the out-and-out comparison between AngularJs and ReactJs based on various parameters.

Parameter # 1: Type

  • AngularJs: It is a full fledged JavaScript MVC framework to develop a web app.
  • ReactJs: It is an open-source JavaScript library that needs several tools, integrations and programming libraries.

Parameter # 2: Programming Language

  • AngularJs: It is written in TypeScript.
  • ReactJs: It is written in JavaScript.

Parameter # 3: Learning

  • AngularJs: Learning Angular is quite difficult, especially for the newbie. In order to be a pro in AngularJs development, rigorous training is required.
  • ReactJs: Understanding and using React is quite easy even for beginners. No specialized training is needed in order to be the best in React.Js development.

Parameter # 4: Document Object Model (DOM)

  • AngularJs: It makes use of real DOM. This means changes made to a single data structure will automatically get carried forward to the entire tree.
  • ReactJs: It makes use of virtual DOM. When you hire a React.Js developer, virtual DOM facilitates carrying out changes and tracking in a particular section without affecting the entire tree.

Parameter # 5: Data binding

  • AngularJs: It makes use of two way data binding. In Angular Js development, a change in model state is automatically done when any change in UI element is carried out.
  • ReactJs: It makes use of one way data binding. In React Js development, the changes in UI elements happen only once when the corresponding model state is updated.

Parameter # 6: Time needed for installation

  • AngularJs: It is easy to set up and use. However, AngularJs development projects may be delayed due to greater coding time.
  • ReactJs: It is difficult to set up and requires a longer time. However, ReactJs development projects get completed really quickly.

Parameter # 7: Dependencies

  • AngularJs: It is capable of handling and managing dependencies independently.
  • ReactJs: It is incapable of handling and managing dependencies. Hence, the need for extra tools in React.Js development arises.

If you are planning to develop a large-scale application packed with robust features, it makes sense to hire AngularJs developers. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop native apps for the Android or iOS platform or even modern web applications, it is a wise decision to hire ReactJs developers.

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