DevOps: Breaking the Development-Operations Barrier

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

In order to develop, test and release the software more reliable and faster, DevOps is implemented which is merely a group of certain practices established between IT and development teams to automate the processes. This concept is employed in order to cultivate a corporate culture between different teams to function more efficiently. The perks of having this concept implemented may count faster software release, enhanced trust levels, problem resolving efficiency and effective management.

These Development Operations are so popular at Atlassian that they can be counted just after the famous duo of Angelina and Brad Pitt while being talked about IT operations and software development. However, this is merely a joke, it, of course, needs a clear explanation.

DevOps: A culture and a philosophy

DevOps, being a solid integration between IT operations and software development, enhances the collaboration and overall assimilation. It puts everything together- right from the automation to swift delivery, which, in turn, helps the companies grow faster and let them offer their clients higher business values. Here is even more clarity about the same:

Faster delivery and cultivating smarter thoughts

Lack of smart thinking and pressure of meeting project deadlines can narrow the vision of teams. Mostly, they forget to think smarter and out of the box. And lengthy processes often make them unable to achieve their deadlines on time, which, as a result, discourages them. But the teams using DevOps perform faster and with improved efficiency compared to others. This helps them stick to their deadlines and on-time project deliveries. Exclusive methods enhance OPEX and help switch content.

Trust and collaboration

Highly responsible employee culture, shared duties, quicker feedback and transparency are some promising outcomes of incorporating Development Operations between the teams. The team can think out of the box and not have to rely on the machines for all their needs. They can come out of their comfort zones and communicate with other co-teams in order to achieve the deadlines. DevOps help the teams change their attitude and approach to look after their jobs by ultimately helping the companies grow faster.

The best management of unplanned tasks

It often happens that teams make a pretty good to-do list, but then, in the hustle, forget to follow the same. This happens due to lack of prioritized tasks and pressure of following the deadlines. An emerging company cannot afford this while its business is on the stack. DevOps helps teams choose their priorities and effectively plan the unplanned tasks. Teams become more careful about how to plan the lesser-prioritized tasks too. This way, no task in the to-do list has remained left and the company doesn’t have to afford the loss.

Quicken the resolution time

Shorter the feedback loop, more successful the team is! Development Operations help teams become more transparent and effective in communication. Hence, the downtime of crucial problem solving can be remarkably lessened. This set of various Development Operations between development and operations teams help them become faster in their work and project releases. DevOps makes sure that there is no glitch remained in the release pipeline.

And thus, DevOps, indeed, breaks the barrier between Development and Operations teams.

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