Dos and Don’ts of Laravel Web Development

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Laravel is a popular and powerful open-source PHP-based framework based on an MVC architecture that caters to the specific requirements of Laravel developers. Laravel development companies in the Netherlands use it to develop a robust web app, website, or CMS. Laravel is a developer-friendly tool that is easy to use, scalable, and offers seamless data migration and top-notch security.

Laravel development in the Netherlands is the preferred choice for organisations when it comes to web application development.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of Laravel web development that Laravel development companies in the Netherlands know about.


Use local query scopes

  • If there is a need to write queries frequently in a Laravel development project, Laravel development companies must use query scopes.
  • By utilising local scope to query, Laravel development companies in the Netherlands can pull out queries from the model.
  • The queries can then be reused in the same model or another model.

Resolve technical vulnerabilities

  • Before delivering the web application, the Laravel development companies must fix the technical vulnerabilities to ensure seamless delivery.
  • The Laravel framework is designed to use file cache drivers and supports multiple cache configurations.
  • If technical vulnerabilities are not resolved, it may result in security issues.

Use relationships

  • Laravel has a number of relationships that help Laravel development companies in the Netherlands to make the development experience convenient and hassle-free.
  • Laravel developers must understand how relationships work in the Laravel framework.
  • To avoid problems during coding, Laravel developers must avoid bad queries or adding extra queries with Laravel relationships.


Update frequently

  • Just like other PHP frameworks, there is a lack of continuity and flow between two consecutive Laravel versions.
  • Frequent updates to Laravel may result in several complications and can even crash the entire system if businesses hire Laravel developers who are intermediates and not experts in Laravel.

Ignore the application key

  • The application key is a 32-character long key that is required to be set in the environment file.
  • Overlooking the application key and not setting it at the beginning or after installing the PHP framework can result in a security and safety threat to the encrypted data and user sessions.
  • To ensure that the application key is set, it is important to hire Laravel development experts who can set the key properly after installation.

Forget to remove the arrangements and development variables.

  • The Laravel development company must get rid of all the enhancement elements, arrangements, and development variables due to which safety concerns may arise.
  • Leaking sensitive credentials may result in security issues.
  • Hence, Laravel developers must be careful and cautious when handling source code repositories.

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