Everything to Know about Fintech App Security

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

The finance sector has witnessed tremendous growth around the world, and so has fintech app development in the Netherlands. Fintech organisations are those that use the latest technologies to offer enhanced and top-notch financial services and solutions to customers. The financial technology industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, with an average annual growth rate of almost 25%. In order to make fintech applications more popular among customers, it is essential for the fintech organisations and mobile app development companies in the Netherlands to ensure the security of the fintech applications.

Here are some tips for safe and secure fintech app development in the Netherlands.

Application code security is crucial

  • When it comes to fintech app development, it is essential for the mobile app development company Netherlands to take care of the application code security right from the beginning.
  • The best mobile app development companies in the Netherlands must create a robust algorithm and check the code regularly to identify any loopholes or bugs.

Closely monitor the backend

  • Mobile app development companies in the Netherlands must keep a close eye on the third-party components (APIs) against any hacks or unapproved access from the start.
  • A backup plan must be ready in case of any threats to the fintech app network or vulnerabilities.

Identification, authentication, and authorization

  • Fintech companies must not rely on the user id and password of customers to allow them to access the fintech app.
  • Many malicious hackers try to breach the security of the Fintech app by signing in as the customer.
  • To prevent any security breaches, fintech app development in the Netherlands needs to have a flawless identification and authentication system in place.
  • The use of multi-factor authentication like 2FA (two-factor authentication) is a great way to strengthen access security.

Protection against SQL injection

  • SQL injection is still one of the most popular techniques used by hackers for high-profile breaches.
  • The attack occurs when hackers send unauthorised SQL queries to the database.
  • To protect the fintech app from SQL injection attacks, the mobile app development company in the Netherlands must test the app’s vulnerability by attacking it and determining whether or not the attack was successful.

Data encryption

Data encryption is one of the most effective, powerful, and convenient ways to protect sensitive user data by storing it in an encrypted format such that it cannot be compromised.

Some of the other ways to boost the security of fintech app development in the Netherlands are:

  • Enforce the use of complex passwords
  • Use HTTPS and a VPN layer
  • Including input verification
  • Stop unauthorised access
  • Maintain app servers and operating systems regularly
  • Robust API security strategy
  • Data backup policy
  • Test repeatedly and meticulously

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