How Can React JS Help Reduce the Development Cost?

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

With the increasing number of smartphone users, having a mobile application has become vital for businesses and brands. Most businesses prefer going for cross-platform app development since it is cost-effective and saves time as well. A popular cross-platform app development framework being used by developers worldwide is React.js. In 2022, React.js was the second most popularly used framework by 42.62% developers globally.

React Native is a popular open-source JavaScript framework for developing real native apps for both Android and iOS. Apps like Skype, Walmart, Airbnb, Instagram, etc. have been built using React.js.

The main reason why businesses around the world hire React.js developers is because it is cost-effective.

Here is how React.js development Netherlands can help reduce the development cost.

Fast development process

  • When you hire React.js developers, there is no need to develop separate apps for both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS.
  • With reusable code and components from React.js, React.js development companies in the Netherlands can save a lot of time and efforts of re-writing the entire code for both platforms.
  • You can hire React.js development experts to reuse 90-99% of the written code between Android and iOS platform without any hassles.

Save time and development cost

  • Code and component reusability plays a key role in reducing the cost of development.
  • The JavaScript code needs to be written just one by the React.js development companies in the Netherlands, and it can be reused for another platform as well.
  • The code reusability feature of React.js framework helps developers save time and resources, thus reducing the cost and increasing the profitability.

Low maintenance cost

  • Launching a mobile app is not the end.
  • Post launch, there are bug-fixes and updates that need to be done.
  • React.js involves single coding.
  • Any updates and bug-fixes can be managed by the React.js development companies in the Netherlandswithout any hassles.
  • Hence, with React.js, maintenance is easy, convenient, and less time consuming.
  • There is no app versioning feature involved with React.js.
  • Using React.js, the maintenance is quite straightforward.

Ready-to-use components

  • React.js has several components and sub-components which can be directly used in React.js development Netherlands by the developers.
  • The availability of ready-to-use components eliminate the need for developers to create these components from scratch.
  • The ready-to-use components save time, money, and efforts as well.

Real-time testing

  • The ‘Fast Refresh’ feature allows React.js development companies in the Netherlands to test the applications real-time.
  • Every change made to the code gets incorporated automatically in the app, and reflects almost immediately.
  • Thus, real-time testing accelerates the speed of app development, thus saving both time and cost.

If you are looking at developing a highly functional, compatible, and cost-effective mobile application for both Android and iOS, it is a wise decision to hire React.js developersReach out to us to hire React.js development experts for your dream cross-platform app development project today.

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