How Can You Increase Productivity with CodeIgniter?

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

In today’s online and digital world, most businesses and brands are looking to have an online presence through a robust and appealing website. CodeIgniter development Netherlands is quite popular, mainly due to the core features offered by the CodeIgniter framework. Many businesses prefer to hire CodeIgniter developers in the Netherlands because CodeIgniter is a high performance and small footprint framework. CodeIgniter development companies in the Netherlands offer reliable website development services with improved performance and stability.

What is CodeIgniter?

  • CodeIgniter is an open source web development framework used to create dynamic websites, webpages, and web applications in the PHP language.
  • CodeIgniter development Netherlands means more focus on the web development project as the use of CodeIgniter reduces the number of codes to be written for a specific task.

Here are the effective ways in which it is possible to boost productivity when working on any web development project with CodeIgniter.

Implement the modular application development approach (HMVC)

  • When you hire CodeIgniter developers, the use of the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) pattern is possible.
  • Modular HMVC refers to multiple MVC triads.
  • CodeIgniter development companies in the Netherlands can break the code into modules. This means that the codes will remain clean, legible, and can be maintained easily.
  • Also, the code can be reused many times without any hassles.
  • HMVC wiredesignz is one of the most popular tools used in the CodeIgniter development Netherlands.
  • The module-based approach when you hire CodeIgniter development experts means similar controllers, libraries, and models can be grouped in a single module, thus eliminating confusion and making things a lot easier for the project.


Create custom helpers

  • In most web development projects, there are some created functions, which need to be repeated.
  • When you hire CodeIgniter development experts, you don’t have to worry about the functions created or changing them.
  • With CodeIgniter, it is possible to create your own helper function for web development.
  • Helper functions help organise the code better and make the workflow convenient.
  • Helper functions keep the code clean and reduce the efforts required in the project significantly.


Use CI base model

  • The base model is a parent model class offering a full CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) functionality to CodeIgniter development companies in the Netherlands.
  • CodeIgniter base model class eliminates the need to write functions frequently.
  • A single inherited function using the short syntax is enough to complete the job.


Use a reliable code editor

  • PHPStorm is a reliable code editor and a favourite tool for PHP developers.
  • With PHPStorm, a CodeIgniter development Netherlands company can create shortcuts for repetitive codes, thus, saving valuable time.
  • The PHPStorm tool also offers various plug-ins to support CMS, composer, etc.


Get community support

  • If any technical glitches are encountered during the CodeIgniter development Netherlands, there are skilled and expert professionals available to provide the best-in-class support.

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