How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Laravel Developer?

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is based on Symfony. Laravel development in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly popular in the digital world today. Several studies have revealed that the Laravel framework ranks first on the list of the finest PHP frameworks on the market.

Typical recruitment methods to hire Laravel developers

When looking to hire Laravel developers, it is essential to plan everything out before selecting any typical method to recruit developers for your organisation. To hire a Laravel developer, you must select an appropriate recruitment strategy. The following are some of the most frequent methodologies or recruitment approaches to hire Laravel developers.

Permanent Developers

Your company’s in-house developers are permanent. Hence, if you need to extend your organisation’s workforce of Laravel Developers, hiring them on a permanent basis is the perfect option.

Contract developers

You may hire Laravel developers on contract or part-time for specific projects to match your organisation’s needs. You can recruit them while your regular or permanent professionals are preoccupied with their everyday responsibilities.

Freelance Laravel developers

There are several websites where you may get freelance Laravel developers who can suit your company’s requirements. You might wish to utilise them if you already employ a development team and simply need them for short-term work.

Off-Shore developers

Offshore developers are highly experienced developers who are recruited to work on complex projects. Hence, if you intend to hire Laravel developers from offshore, always go with the most dependable ones.

The typical cost of hiring a Laravel Developer

The average salary of a Laravel developer varies by country, and it also varies among organisations around the world. Hence, if you want to hire a Laravel developer in the Netherlands, be prepared to pay between 25 USD and 50 USD per hour.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a Laravel Developer

The Project’s Scope

The cost of a Laravel developer is typically determined by the nature of the project; for example, if the project is simple, the cost of the developer is low; however, if the project is difficult and complicated in regards to functionality, configuration, and attributes, your organisation will require an experienced Laravel developer. Then you must pay a higher fee to these professional developers.

Based on location

The pricing of every Laravel developer varies by location. Developers charge varying fees based on the rates in their location or experience. Also, the rates of Laravel developers in affluent nations are greater than in developing countries.

Laravel Developer Knowledge and Experience

If you hire a Laravel developer who is at a beginner level, you need to spend less. If, on the other hand, you have a sophisticated and high level project, you must hire a highly skilled professional for Laravel development in the Netherlands. This would require a higher budget because advanced level developers are well-versed in many frameworks and technologies utilised in Laravel web development.

There are several factors that impact the Laravel development cost. But the most crucial ones are their location and experience.

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