IBM z15 Mainframe

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

IBM has rolled out a new generation of mainframes-the z15-that not only bolsters the Big Iron’s speed and strength but also aims to incorporate hybrid cloud, data protection and security controls for modern workloads. On the hardware side, performance and efficiency ramp up with the z15 mainframe systems. IBM, for example, reports 14 percent higher performance per core, 25 percent higher device power, 25 percent higher memory, and 20 percent higher I / O connectivity than the previous version, the z14. IBM also claims the device will save customers 50 percent of the cost of x86-based servers, and use 40 percent less power than a comparable x86 server farm. And the z15 has the ability to manage scalable environments such as running a single device of 2.4 million Docker containers.

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