Laravel 6.0 Release Update

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Laravel 6.0 is launched in Laravel 5.8 having some good improvements that include compatibility for Laravel Vapor, semantic versioning, improved responses for authorization, lazy lists, task middleware, sub-query improvements, front-end scaffolding and a lot more bug fixes.

Main Characteristics of Laravel 6.0:

1. Improved outages through the ignition

Laravel 6.0 is shipping with Ignition having open source exception’s new detailed page. In previous releases, there were not some advantages whereas, in this, Ignition comes with a lot of new advantages. Blade error files’ enhanced handling, code editing, enhanced UX, exception sharing as well as runnable solutions for common problems, are to name a few.

2. Suitability with Vapour

Laravel’s this update suits best when it is about Laravel Vapor which is a deployment platform without an auto scaling server for Laravel. This characteristic deploys the intricacy to manage various Laravel applications for AWS Lambda as well as interface with SQS databases, queues, networks, Redis clusters, Cloud Front CDN, etc.

3. Weekly Versioning

The pattern of this Laravel Project kit is just like semantic versioning. With other first-party packages of Laravel compatible with these standards of versioning, it makes this framework well-suited.

4. Upgraded responses for approvals

Now in former releases of Laravel, it was tough to retrieve and expose the custom authorization messages which, in result, made it even more difficult to precisely clarify why a particular request is denied for the end users. But in this update, it is much easier to use the Gate::inspect method as well as the authorization response messages.

5. Subquery’s eloquent changes

Laravel 6.0 also comes with some great enhancements and updates that improve the database of Subquery.

6. Middleware Job

It is made easy for the developers by employment middleware to wrap up custom logic around the queued tasks’ execution. This, ultimately, reduces boilerplate in work.

7. Failed collections

There are some potential methods of Laravel which many developers already love to use. Furthermore to some powerful bucket of class, this Laravel update comes with the Lazy collection to influence PHP developers to let the users work with an expanded data set while using a small amount of memory.

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