Orange Genesis Built Go Mingle Website for a Public Socializing Concept

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

We, Orange Genesis IT, have been catering to global customers with our different IT services. Our website development services are one of the most popular services among our global customers. We have built thousands of websites for our customers. In this blog, we are going to talk about one of the website development projects we had successfully completed.

We have built a high performance website for an online public socializing concept of an Amsterdam, the Netherlands based company.

Name of the company: Go Mingle

Industry Vertical: Entertainment

Technologies Used: Python, Django frameworks, Vue.js, PostgreSQL

Service Offered: Website development

Time Invested: 3 Months

Activities Performed:

  • From scratch designing of the theme and layout of different pages of the website, such as home page, contact us page, about us page, user profile page, events page, etc.
  • Vue.Js development to build the frontend of the company by our Vue.Js developers
  • Django framework and Python based backend development by our backend developers
  • Database design and development using PostgreSQL
  • Chat feature development by the backend development experts
  • Security mechanism implementation to make website secure and safeguarded
  • Website optimization to assure a faster and higher performing website


How the developed website works for Go Mingle?

It is a public socializing website, which lets people combat loneliness. It is a global website, but it is more popular in the Netherlands. With nominal signup and membership fees, it lets people find like minded people to hang out with. Its concept is to help people find partners for the activities they would like to do, but doesn’t have any partner to double the fun. For example, if someone likes to go downtown for shopping, but her husband refuses to accompany her, then she can put an event on the website; invite like-minded people to join, and bravo. She will have a group of people to accompany her on the shopping spree. After joining the platform, one can join any event, or create an event and invite unlimited members of the platform.

We have developed the complete website and have implemented all features required to make the concept of Go Mingle work. Our backend developers have built the registration form with payment gateway integration. They have also added algorithms to match platform users with the events published on the website based on common interests. Other than this, we have also built functionality to invite users. We have integrated email APIs into the developed platform, so whenever an event creator invites a user, the platform will send an email invitation to the invited users. They are allowed to explore, accept and reject the event invitation. Other than that, they can also chat with each other as our frontend development team has built a chatting feature for the users of Go Mingle. The users can also search for the events of their interest on the platform. We have also added package wise accessibility features. The users with a free subscription can only explore events, but can’t join or create one like, paid subscription users.

Concluding notes

The website is developed, delivered, and in use by our customer and customers of our customer. It is one of the most popular public socializing websites in the Netherlands. We have built a website, permission based access, search event, invite guests, and chat features for the site. Excellent security and speed are additional deliverables.

If you are interested in our website development services or if you want to hire website development experts, contact us.

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