Orange Genesis Developed a Mobile App for a Prison Cell Game

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

We, Orange Genesis IT, are one of the renowned mobile app development companies based in the Netherlands. We have benefited many businesses with our native and cross platform app development services. The gaming industry is one of the majorly served industries by our mobile app development experts in the Netherlands.

Recently, we have developed a cross platform mobile application for a company that has created an amazing gaming experience on the theme of prison.

Name of the project: Prison Cell Gaming App

Industry Vertical: Gaming and entertainment

Technologies used: Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Ionic

Service offered: Cross platform mobile app development

Languages supported: English and Dutch

Activities performed:

  • Cross platform mobile app layout and UI, UX design
  • Cross platform app development
  • Backend development to manage the game
  • Integration with Relay hardware

What does the developed platform do?

The cross platform mobile app developed for the prison cell game sets the game on multiple levels. As per the game structure and physical prison cells, there are 20 different cells. It means there are 20 different levels in the game and multiple types of games in each cell.

The group of players can create their own group or subgroups that will be activated from the backed developed by the web development experts of Orange Genesis IT. The web admin can also reactivate a player or enforce other rules if required.

The players can begin this amazing game by scanning a QR code using the scanner in the mobile app or using their camera app. The QR code scanning activates the hardware, called Relay to open the cell.

Each of these prison cells has a game to play and each game has a timer defined from the backend developed by the web development experts in the Netherlands. Each player can get 3 attempts to win a game. Before the 4th attempt, the time will stop for 10 minutes and then it will grant the 4th attempt to the player.

Each player needs to play and win in each prison cell to win the game. The score of each player with win and miss level details will also be shown to the players on a screen available in each prison cell.


Concluding notes

The prison cell game is amazing and full of fun games that can be played in groups. We, Orange Genesis IT, successfully collaborated with the prison cell game owner and built a successful cross platform mobile app to benefit the client with a fully functional mobile application for both Apple and Android devices at competitive rates. We also built a comprehensive web app that works as a backend and lets the game admin control different aspects of the game.

We have expertise in native and cross platform mobile app development for any industry, including, but not limited to the gaming industry. We also have a team of mobile app developers for hire in the Netherlands. To initiate discussion for your project, please get in touch with us.

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