Orange Genesis Developed a Web and Mobile Solution for Blue Feniks

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

We, Orange Genesis IT, are one of the popular full stack development companies in the Netherlands. We have developed thousands of mobile applications and web solutions to meet the custom needs of our clients. We have a diversified and strong portfolio in both mobile app development Netherlands and web app development Netherlands. We have expertise in native and cross platform app development for businesses in the Netherlands.

To give a sneak peek into our expertise as a full stack development company in the Netherlands, here is a case study blog post that we wanted to share with you about one of our full stack development projects. We have built the best employee safety, satisfaction, and engagement solution for a company. The tool is known as Blue Feniks, which is developed to provide an experience of feeling safe, secure, and happy at the workplace. Our cross platform app developers and Laravel app developers along with other technology experts have built the whole solution. It consists of a mobile app for both Apple and Android users along with a backend web solution to manage different features and grievances of employees.

Name of the project: Blue Feniks

Industry Vertical: Employee Wellness / Human Resource Management

Technologies used: Laravel, JavaScript and Jquery, Ionic, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

Service offered: Cross platform mobile app development, backend development

Languages supported: Dutch

Activities performed:

  • User interface design of backend for admin and super admin
  • Backend development to add and manage different employee engagement activities and admin accounts
  • Mobile app layout design for iOS and Android apps
  • Cross platform mobile app development in the Netherlands

How does Blue Feniks work?

The Blue Feniks is a complete solution made of a backend web solution and a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Backend solution

Our Laravel developers have developed a robust and secure backend solution. This solution allows the super admin to create tenant admin accounts. It means Blue Feniks can create individual company accounts to let those companies run employee safety and engagement programs. Blue Feniks can grant and revoke feature access to these companies.

The backend is also used to check grievances, feedback, support requests, questions, etc. raised by employees. All the details related to each employee response will be visible in the backend to take the required access. The backend can also manage third party professionals like counsellors, psychologists, etc.

Mobile App

The mobile app is built for employees to express and share whatever they feel to boast a happy work environment. They can raise any question or query related to the work environment, the behaviour of other employees, security concerns, safety concerns, and more. They can also use this app to share their grievances and feedback to make the work environment better.

Employees can take some tests that are designed by psychologists and counsellors. They can also get some recommendations for them to improve work life balance.


In conclusion, Blue Feniks is a complete employee engagement solution that helps in creating a healthy work environment. It can improve work life balance and help reduce employee attrition rate.

Our team of Ionic and Laravel developers can help you build this type of innovative full stack solutions for your business. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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