Orange Genesis Developed a Web App for Truck Advertising Company

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

We, Orange Genesis IT, are one of the leading web app development companies based in the Netherlands. We have been catering to our global customers with our web development services like web app development, website development, eCommerce portal development, etc. In this blog, we are going to share a quick brief on our one of the successful projects of web app development.
We have built a feature rich web application for a leading Truck Advertising company based in the Netherlands.
Name of the Project: Altermedia
Industry Vertical: Advertising and marketing
Technologies Used: Laravel, Vue.Js, HTML, CSS
Service Offered: Web app development
Time Invested: 4 Weeks

Activities Performed:

  • Web app theme design
  • Vue.Js development to build frontend
  • Laravel development to build backend
  • API integration to add some stats from a third party platform used by the company

Read the complete case study of Altermedia here.

What the developed platform do?
Altermedia offers truck advertising services in Belgium and the Netherlands. The company follows the thumb rule of targeting B2B audiences with effective truck advertising. When the motorists come in close proximity to the truck having the advertisement, the advertisement will grab the attention of the motorists. Altermedia has trucks that travel on highways as well as on provisional roads to give more reach to the advertisers using the service from Altermedia.
We have developed a web app for admin and customers to give all the required features. Admin gets features to create advertisements along with edit and delete features. Admin can also review all truck advertising campaigns and their performance. On the other hand, customers get detailed statistics related to the performance of their advertisements.

When a customer commences the truck advertisement project with Altermedia, the company provides a dashboard to the customer. The customer can see real time statics on the dashboard.
The real time statistics include the following information:

  •  A “Heat Map” of all routes on which truck has already travelled
  • The total number of kilometres truck has already travelled with the customer’s ads
  • The total number of audiences that have already seen the truck ad
  • And more


The whole web app is developed by the web app development experts of Orange Genesis IT. It has a clean navigation and design to make sure each element and feature of the web app are easily understandable. The whole app is lightening fast as it is built to work swiftly. It is also a highly scalable web app. It means it can handle unlimited customers who have contracted Altermedia to use their truck advertisement services. We are still working with the company to offer ongoing support, maintenance, and customization services.

Concluding notes
We have built a completely custom web app for Altermedia. The developed web app focuses on handling admin and customer accounts and related features. It can monitor different statistics and  show it in an easy to understand manner, so ROI over truck ads can be measured. If you are interested in building a web app, you can hire our web app development experts. Contact us to discuss your project.

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