Reasons why your website has high bounce rate

Feb 27, 2023 | Consultant

Just like most website owners, they put a lot of work on their website to drive traffic.The SEO promotions and content marketing are both ways to get people to learn and visit the website. All of these efforts would mean nothing if those who come to your website are not staying. The bounce rate on the website is a very important metric which helps you to know if the website performs its function when visited. Your bounce rate is very important. It tells the percentage of visitors coming to your website and not getting involved with any content or links. They are just the percentage of visitors who say ‘no, this is not for me’ to get to your page. Every website owner needs to keep this as small as possible, and when they visit their website, engage them. Below are 10 reasons why you have a high bounce rate on your website:

1. Slow Page Load Time

Nobody ever claims to love slow web pages. After 4 seconds most people give up when the website isn’t loading. Slow web pages are a complete turn-off for web users and these are the causes of a slow page loading time:

  • Use of low cost web hosting.
  • Adding large images not downloadable.
  • Too many images added that cause distraction on each page

These factors, and many more, will cause the site to load slowly. People are known to leave if they have to stay on your website for more than 4 seconds to load.

2. Bombarding visitors with Irrelevant advertisements

It’s not pleasant to be greeted with a 30 second video that began on auto-play as much as people love to get details from a website. Then one has to wait until the end to see what is happening. Other banner ads, too, can be distracting, be careful about the type of ads you put up. If you want to add ads on your webpage, ensure they are relevant to the visitors.

3. Broken Links

When people move from another outdated website to your website the link won’t work. This will show the 404 page of information, rather than what they expect. Any old link on your website and other websites that point to the old page will not take visitors to the expected page, which will cause them to leave the site.

4. Poor Web Design and Animation

Using too many unnecessary images and animations slows down page loading and eventually causes the visitor to leave. Make sure you’re making a clean website, and leave out irrelevant designs.

5. Contents that are not what they say

Your PPC ads and the title tags have the function of drawing visitors to your page. But when they get there they leave, because they don’t get what they’re expecting. Why should they be staying when they don’t get what they want?

6. Ugly Landing Page

The use of a poorly designed website will reduce the amount of time that a visitor spends on your page due to the poor design with which it is created.

7. Low quality content

If you are not having good content, visitors may leave your website. Visitors can spend more time on your website if you have a useful and high-quality content. Make sure that people check your content before it’s posted so you can get a reduced bounce rate.

8. Landing pages that are hard to read

People get tired when the website includes lots of distracting features, and then go for other choices. Issues such as legibility should be taken into account, such as ensuring that the color of your font appears on the background tab. Other way to have more visitors on your page is to make sure that you implement designs that you can see well.

9. Landing pages with poor grammar

Landing pages loaded with many horrific spelling errors and bad grammar will lead people to leave long before they see what they are looking for. Make sure you seek the support of someone who can speak English properly (or any other language of your choice) to review any written content you produce.

10. Poor page mobile optimization

People usually spend more time on their mobile phones than their laptops. When it comes to using mobile devices, a user who has no patience for a bad webpage on a laptop won’t have it for mobile devices too. Make sure that you perform mobile optimization on your site as many users prefer phones to visit. This will ensure that they enjoy the same experience as those using their desktops or laptops.

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