The power of Google AMP

Feb 27, 2023 | Consultant

What Is Google AMP?

We are living in a world where speed and instant gratification are the priority. If your website does not load in up to 5-6 seconds, more than 25% of potential visitors will leave. And for mobile websites this occurs frequently. That being said, there are some methods you can use to get past that, and one of the best options here is Google AMP.

The power of Google AMP

This is a website publishing technology designed to help you create websites that will load in just a second or less. The tech was created back in 2016, and we have over 1.5 billion AMP pages split over 25 million domains since. When compared to regular web pages, Google AMP can use 10 times less data, which makes it very fast, convenient and at the same time extremely helpful.

To build the Google AMP pages, however you will need to have another version of the website that will harness the AMP standards. The site is compatible with all browsers and has its own URL. If you visit a website through Google Search, that’s when you will see the most boost because visiting a website and harnessing all of its feature like that will be a whole lot faster.

How does Google AMP work?

Google AMP uses a combination of CSS, JavaScript and HTML restrictions and optimizations. AMP pages loads very quickly. AMP elements are designed to deliver speed and compatibility without any problems. Some AMP caches and pre-rendering make loading speed on the website even better, and that is something you need to try. Because you will use less server resources and fewer media files, the overall speed will be much higher.

What type of server optimizations are performed by Google AMP?

This will vary but you will notice some changes such as validation of AMP format, limiting the image dimension, removing image data that cannot be viewed, sanitizing the AMP documents to prevent XSS attacks, serving data with the latest web protocols and over a secure channel, supporting responsively sized images, converting images to a smaller size, etc. Google AMP will also make a plethora of HTML sanitization processes complete in the cache. These are designed for parsing to be normalized.

Should you use Google AMP?

Google AMP’s main attraction is speed. This enables your website to increase the engagement rate and avoid situations where people leave your website because it doesn’t load very quickly. It is also good for places that do not have good internet coverage. Sites won’t have to load a lot of files, so even if you have a small load pattern, you are still going to be perfect.

AMP will bring 10% increase in website traffic if implemented properly. The time spent on page for customers can be doubled. 20% increase in sales conversion can also be observed by E-commerce websites. Implementing Google AMP is good idea if you do want to generate more traffic and sales.

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