Top 5 Features That Make Laravel a Preferred Choice for Web App Development

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Laravel is unquestionably one of the most widely used and popular PHP frameworks for developing web applications. Various features offered by this PHP framework enable Laravel development companies to cater to the requirements of diverse business verticals – small, medium, and large. Laravel is a feature-rich framework that allows developers to create powerful and high performing web apps. Although the Laravel framework is relatively new (less than a decade old), it is a blessing for web artisans.

Laravel development companies can handle intricate and complex website functionalities with ease. In Laravel web development, coding is much faster, easier, and hassle-free. All this is possible as this PHP framework is power-packed with robust features enabling Laravel development companies to create web apps that deliver exceptional results.

Here are the top 5 features of Laravel that make top organizations and brands across the globe hire Laravel developers for developing web apps.

1) Artisan

Web app developers have to perform a lot of monotonous and recurring programming work. Laravel PHP framework eliminates the need to perform these tedious tasks through an intrinsic tool for the command-line named ‘Artisan’. In Laravel web development, several programming tasks can be automated rather than performing them manually. This saves valuable time of Laravel development companies. Also, Laravel developers can make use of Artisan to build the database structure, a skeleton code, and control migration. This makes managing the database system extremely easy and convenient. Apart from this, web app developers can use Artisan to create their own commands and use them whenever required.

2) MVC architecture

The Model-view-controller architecture is followed by Laravel. This architecture has several integrated functionalities that facilitate efficient documentation, enhanced app performance, increased security, and scalability. It distinguishes business logic from the rest of the UI.

3) Unit testing

Laravel is a preferred PHP framework over others as it allows Laravel development companies to perform unit testing. Laravel has the potential to conduct multiple tests on web apps. These tests ensure that the modifications and changes carried out by a Laravel web development company are correctly incorporated and won’t crash or malfunction suddenly while the web application is in use. Due to this reason, web apps developed by Laravel development companies are known to have stable releases without any failures.

4) Robust security

In today’s world where data breaches and thefts are common, security is vital for web applications. Laravel provides a very strong security mechanism for web app development. It makes use of a salted secure hash algorithm which ensures that the passwords are saved in encrypted format in the database and never as simple texts. It also generates an encrypted form of passwords through the ‘Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm’.

5) Migration system for database

The migration system of Laravel facilitates database expansion of the web apps without re-creation each time when developers make any change to the code. Due to this, the risk of data loss is almost negligible. Laravel enables developers to change the database structure using PHP code in place of SQL.

Considering the benefits offered by Laravel, it makes sense for businesses to hire Laravel developers to successfully completing their web app development projects.

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