Top JavaScript Framework Trends to Watch Out

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

The framework you choose can be a significant plus or minus for your long term project. Therefore, it is necessary to know the significance of each JavaScript framework. Performance, speed, or popularity; what are the most important features developers are looking for in the tech stack?

Knowing more about different performance metrics can help you understand the worth of a web development technology according to the best web development company in the Netherlands. In this blog post, we are going to share details about trending JavaScript frameworks in 2021.

So let’s have a look at these top four trending JavaScript frameworks to watch in 2021.


  • It is an open source frontend library and was created by a team of Facebook developers in the year 2011.
  • After evolving for 9 years, it can be considered one of the most popular frontend libraries.

Why React.Js development is popular?

  • Easier to develop dynamic web applications when you hire a right ReactJS expert
  • Reusable components can be developed when you hire a React.JS developer
  • Easy debugging
  • Better community support, according to the top React.JS development companies in the Netherlands
  • Companies that use React include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


  • Vue.js, commonly known as Vue, is an open source JavaScript framework used to create rich user interfaces. I
  • It is a combination of the two frameworks, i.e., React and Angular.

Why Vue.Js development is popular?

  • Provides greater customization and faster development when you hire a Vue.JS developer with the right experience and expertise
  • Easier to learn according to the best Vue.JS development companies in the Netherlands
  • Supports CSS transitions and animations
  • Better flexibility and modularity
  • Companies that use Vue are Stack Overflow, GitLab, and Adobe, etc.


  • Angular.Js, also known as Angular, is supported by Google.
  • It is an open source frontend web development framework that allows JavaScript to integrate with other web technologies such as HTML and CSS.

Why Angular.Js development is popular?

  • Help build progressive web applications (PWAs) when you hire the right AngularJS developer or contract an AngularJS development company in the Netherlands
  • High speed and performance are assured when you hire an AngularJS developer.
  • A steep learning curve
  • Less code frame that helps developers to reduce time to market with quick AngularJS development.
  • Companies using Angular: Google, Microsoft, and YouTube, etc.


In 2021, we see that JavaScript is not going anywhere, and its frameworks are increasingly popular. The landscape continues to expand, driven by the latest JavaScript trends. This article was intended to shed light on current trends in JavaScript. Additionally, we talked about the best JavaScript libraries and frameworks that will shape frontend development in 2021 and beyond.

Are you looking to implement the latest JavaScript trends?

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