Top On-Demand Service App Ideas for Mobile App Development

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

On-demand mobile applications have been in the industry for many years. The COVID 19 pandemic and other driving factors have boosted the use and popularity of on-demand mobile apps. The top mobile app development companies in the Netherlands have been meeting the increasing need for on-demand mobile app development for entrepreneurs like you. There are so many amazing ideas that are monetizing with a working mobile app.

If you are thinking to invest in on-demand mobile app development, whether native or cross platform app development in the Netherlands, here are the top ideas that you may consider to build and launch your on-demand business.

1. Food delivery service

It is one of the most popular on-demand apps that all of us might have used at least once in a lifetime. Yes, the competition is already there due to popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats, but the market is not closed for new businesses. You can still invest in on-demand app development for food delivery service and make good money with good and reliable service.

2. Grocery delivery service

Similar to food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps create a network of grocery stores, collect groceries ordered by the customers and deliver them to their doorstep. COVID 19 has increased the demand for grocery shopping apps and this can be the right idea to invest in to increase ROI from your investment in mobile app development services in the Netherlands for an on-demand app.

3. On-demand gardening services

This is a unique and growing market. People have started investing in habitant marketing to have better air and a better aesthetic for their homes. If you can have or have a team of seasoned gardeners, you can capture and lead this market with your gardening services. Simply, connect with the best mobile app development company in the Netherlands and get your app build to start offering habitat gardening services.

4. Movers and packers services

Moving out of a property and shifting to another one is quite common in professional and personal life. You can help these people move from their old office or home to the new office or home with your movers and packers services. Yes, there are some players in the market, but it is not that dominant market by any company and you can still make your place.

5. On-demand healthcare services

This is a new concept, which is introduced due to COVID when it is difficult for people to go out and get medication due to the threat of infection. Offering basic health checks or consultation and giving medication is part of on-demand healthcare services. The best on-demand app development company in the Netherlands can provide you with the development of this app.


On-demand businesses are growing in numbers and acceptance across the globe. You can join this list of successful entrepreneurs and win your target audience with your on-demand services.

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