Top Reasons to Hire a Frontend Developer from Orange Genesis IT

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Orange Genesis IT is a leading software development company based in the Netherlands. The company has catered to hundreds of businesses in Europe with its excellent software and web development services. Orange Genesis IT is popular for its hire resources model. A company has a team of engineers who work dedicatedly on their projects. One of the popular hiring models offered by Orange Genesis IT is to hire frontend developers.

If you are in the need of hiring a frontend developer or have a frontend development requirement, then hiring a frontend developer or a team of frontend development experts from Orange Genesis IT is recommended.

Let us share the top reasons to hire a frontend developer from this leading software development company in the Netherlands.

1. Expert frontend developers in all frontend development technologies and frameworks

Orange Genesis IT is popular for the range of services it offers. Its services are not restricted to a single technology or framework. In frontend development as well Orange Genesis IT has a team of experienced developers that expertise in all traditional and trending frontend development frameworks and technologies.

You can hire a frontend developer for any of the below mentioned technologies and frameworks:

  • React
  • AngularJS
  • Vue.JS
  • Flutter
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML & CSS
  • React Native
  • And more


2. Flexibility of choosing from a pool of talent

The Orange Genesis IT is one of those rare and popular frontend development companies that let its customers choose his/ her team. The company has a team of experienced frontend developers that can work remotely on client projects. The company lets its customers choose the developer profiles that he/ she wants in his team of developers.

3. Free consultation

There are so many frontend development technology options available in the market, which make nontechnical people highly confused. Going with the flow by selecting the very first frontend development platform shown in a popular article will be a gamble and not a strategic move. Along with offering to hire a remote frontend developer service, Orange Genesis IT also benefits its prospective customers with a free consultation service. With years of experience, the company suggests the right platform for frontend development. The company also suggests how many developers need to be in the team during different phases of software development.

4. Different hiring models

This Netherland based company has been offering an excellent resource hiring model. Based on its years of experience, to provide complete flexibility to customers, the company offers three different hiring models:

  1. Full time frontend developer for hire
  2. Part time frontend developer for hire
  3. Hourly model based frontend developer for hire

Depending on the requirement of the project, the customers of Orange Genesis IT can hire one or more resources for full time, part time, or fixed hours.

Concluding notes

Orange Genesis IT has been a known name in software and web development spheres. You know the top reasons to hire a frontend developer from this company. If you still have any questions or doubts or want to discuss your requirements related to frontend developer hiring get in touch with Orange Genesis IT.

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