Top Software Development Services Offered by Orange Genesis IT

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

Orange Genesis IT is one of the leading software development companies based out of the Netherlands. The company has been catering to many European businesses with its client centric services. This software development company in the Netherlands is popular for its hiring models. Businesses or individuals can hire different engineers, developers, and other IT resources. Along with the hiring models, the company also offers software development services.

One can use the software development services offered by Orange Genesis IT by opting for any of the following models:

  1. Hire a software developer or a team of experienced software developers or
  2. Use fixed cost software development services

Let us share the major software development services offered and covered by Orange Genesis IT for its worldwide customers:

1. Frontend development

Frontend development has been gaining a lot of popularity because of the increasing demand for higher customer experience. Fronted of any software will be used by the customers and therefore, it has to be easy to navigate and use. To achieve this, it is necessary to have the user friendly and captivating frontend design and elements. The frontend developers of Orange Genesis IT are experts in this job as they know all major frontend development technologies.

You can hire a frontend developer or you can use the frontend development service from Orange Genesis IT.

2. Backend development

Backend is the backbone of any software. It must have a clean and functional code. The backed needs to handle all simple to complicated jobs that a software solution needs to perform. The latest backend development technologies are focusing more on the security and robust nature of the software. To take advantage of these aspects of the backend development technologies, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of backend platforms. Orange Genesis IT has a team of backend development experts that can be hired or one can use backend development service from this software development company in Poland.

3. API development

APIs can let developers create reusable code and reduce the complexity of code. The APIs can be used to reuse the code of a whole module or even software in any other software, mobile app, or web app. It is necessary to follow coding standards to build APIs that actually serves the purpose. Orange Genesis IT has a team of experienced API developers that can develop the just right APIs. You can either use an API development service or hire an API developer from Orange Genesis IT.

4. API integration

The job of API integration is as crucial as the job of API development. It is necessary to integrate it correctly, so it can deliver expected and flawless performance. The software development team of this software development company in Europe has the required skills for efficient third party API integration. You can hire software engineers for API integration.

You can also hire a complete team of software developers to handle your software development project from Orange Genesis IT. To discuss your project, contact us.

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