When Should You Choose React Native for Mobile App Development?

Mar 2, 2023 | Consultant

In today’s tech-savvy and fast-paced world, developing a mobile app has become crucial for businesses to thrive. There are different mobile app development frameworks that one can choose from depending on several parameters. One such popular cross-platform mobile app development framework is React Native.

  • React Native is an open source framework developed by Facebook.
  • It uses JavaScript as the core programming language.
  • React native development companies in the Netherlands use React Native to develop cross-platform apps for both, Android and iOS.
  • Many businesses hire react native developers because a single code strategy helps them create their mobile app for both platforms, i.e. Android and iOS.

Here are the top reasons why you should go for react native development Netherlands.

Cross platform compatibility

  • One of the biggest reasons why organizations hire react native development experts is the use of one codebase for developing robust cross-platform apps.
  • When you hire react native developers, one application that runs on both Android and iOS platforms can be easily developed.
  • The cross platform compatibility feature helps save valuable time and reduces the cost of development as well.

Third party plug-ins support

  • React native offers third party plug-ins support – JavaScript modules and native modules
  • This means that if you hire react native development experts, you can ask them to add Google Maps or Google Calendar to your basic mobile application.
  • With react native, any plug-in can be linked with a third party module.

Rich UI

  • Another reason for react native development Netherlands is the rich, unique, and compelling UI using elements like Button, Switch, Slider, etc.
  • The pre-built components in React Native enhance the user experience immensely.
  • The users get a native app like functionality for both Android and iOS platforms.

Community support

  • Being an open source platform, all details and documents about the framework are available for everyone to read.
  • If you hire a react native developer, and he requires any help for react native app development, the community experts are there to assist.

Easy to hire react native development experts

  • Being an open source framework, react native uses the open source JavaScript library.
  • You can easily find and hire react native developers for your app development project.

Hot and live reloading

  • React native is popular for hot and live reloading features.
  • The hot reloading feature enables react native development companies in the Netherlands to view the changes they make in real time when the application is loading.
  • The live reloading automatically reloads the entire application after making the changes.
  • These features make development and testing easy and convenient for react native development companies in the Netherlands.

When is React Native not an ideal choice?

React Native is not an ideal choice for:

  • Mobile apps having complex UI
  • Single OS platform apps
  • Developing utilities like antivirus, media player
  • 3D gaming apps
  • Mobile apps needing high computation

If you have a cross platform mobile app development project in mind and planning to hire react native development experts, connect with us. Being one of the best react native development companies in the Netherlands, we offer top-notch react native development services for businesses and brands belonging to diverse industries.

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