We have been using Facebook ads for projects of our customer and our companies. We came across many limitations the Facebook Ad Manager has. Therefore, we decided to build a Facebook ad management and administrator software. This software should not only help us, but also others to control the Facebook ad campaigns. We also wanted to make sure that it has automation functionality, so social media managers can set rules and the ads are controlled automatically.

After research, surveys, and brainstorming, we decided to build a web app. We also defined a list of features to be built to help marketers increase returns. We strive to build a multilingual platform to benefit everyone who wants to increase returns from your Facebook ads.

The aim of this web app, labelled as Ad-o-Matic, is to give more features to marketers. These features should allow marketers to create, control, monitor, and fine-tune the Facebook ads.

We took the fact into account that along with social media managers, social media agencies also handle Facebook campaigns. To benefit agencies, we decided to let marketers integrate multiple Facebook ad accounts with this platform.

We have also decided to build a marketing website to show all details of Ad-o-Matic.

The benefits of Orange Genesis
We strive for high customer satisfaction. That is why we offer the following benefits in the projects we handle:
Vue.Js, Laravel 5.8, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Facebook API’s
Laravel, Vue.Js
A web app that empowers marketers to manage their Facebook ads more meticulously and strategically
Key Features
  • Manage multiple ad accounts in a single platform
  • See a summary of campaigns, ads, ad sets on the dashboard
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Creation and management of multiple campaign, ad set, and ads
  • Manual ad administration and control
  • Automated ad administration and control
  • Rule based automatic ad budget increase and decrease
  • Rule based automatic ad disabling and enabling
  • Manage campaign ads
  • Change logs
  • Graphical reports
  • Comparison graph
  • Multilingual support
  • And many more
Key Results
  • Automatic ad control
  • Invest in better performing ads and disable ads that are not performing well
  • Increase returns over investment in Facebook ads
  • Excellent monitoring
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to manage multiple ad accounts
  • And many more
Solution we provided to our client
The whole web app has a custom design, which is designed by our creative web layout designers. Once the web app layouts were designed, our Laravel development team developed the features of this web app. The backend development is performed in Laravel. On the other hand, the frontend is developed with Vue.js development. Once the whole web app, front end and backend, was built our team of software testing and quality assurance engineers tested the whole web application for assuring quality and excellent performance. The app is now ready to use and available for the customers. On the other hand, our web developers have built the website and now they are adding more pages in our marketing website of Ad-o-Matic.
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