Sokrates is our customer based in the Netherlands. It is a knowledgebase platform that helps people search for any information they are looking for. Our customer had an idea to build a platform that can work as a knowledgebase and a bookshelf for its users. The users of the platform, called Sokrates can build their own bookshelf within the platform. The bookshelf can have different eBooks, PDFs, and other information stored in a PDF format. A user of the Sokrates can use the platform to find the required information at any time. At the time of surfing, the user gets two options to find the information. One is the bookshelf of the user and another is global resources available online. If the user chooses to find information from the bookshelf, the system will explore all the resources stored in the bookshelf section of the platform. When the answer to the asked question is located, it will show the written answer as a search result along with the title of the PDF as a source of the answer. If the user chooses to find the answer from the online resources, the system will check millions of online resources to find the response of the raised search query in the Sokrates. Once the matching response is found, it will show the answer to the search query along with the link, which is the source of information. Here, users will have an option to save the answer in his or her bookshelf in PDF format. Moreover, the users can ask the questions on the platform and experts can respond to those questions. Our customer wanted to convert this idea into a working platform in the form of a website.
The benefits of Orange Genesis
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CodeIgniter, Python, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, Bing APIs
CodeIgniter, Python, JavaScript, Bing APIs
A web app that lets its users surf for answers in the in-app bookshelf or online resources or can ask questions to the experts on the platform.
Key Features
  • A completely tailored and innovative theme and template design for the website and its different modules such as bookshelf, question & answer, explore, and more.
  • Web app development to showcase it as a website with surfing, bookshelf, and Q&A pages.
  • Integration of Bing APIs to explore the online resources to locate the answer to the raised search query.
  • Integration of Python API to show the answer in a specific and easy to understand format.
  • Added some AI algorithms to make search more accurate, automated, and quick. It helps in locating the accurate information and showing it in an easy to understand format.
  • Built bookshelf, which let users upload unlimited eBooks and PDFs to explore later.
  • Built an AI driven search engine feature. It helps users to surf the bookshelf or abundant online resources within a few seconds and get the answer to the raised question.
  • The users can save the found result as a PDF into his/ her bookshelf, so it can be referred in the future as well.
  • Option to have a chat with the experts to get detailed information related to the questions users may have.
  • We have also built the chat feature along with expert user access. Experts are another user of the Sokrates platform. They will chat with the users looking for answers to the complicated questions or need a detailed explanation about the answer.
  • It also shows stats related to the number of searches, the number of resources stored in the bookshelf feature, and more.
  • Attractive and easy to use web design
  • 98.55% of customer satisfaction
  • 82.37% of customer retention
  • 100% use of the bookshelf feature
  • 76.86% conversations with the experts
  • And many more
Solution we provided to our client
The customer had an idea for the project and wanted to build a completely new web app in the form of a website. Based on the collected requirements, we proposed the technologies to design and develop this web platform. Once the customer approved the proposal, our creative design team started designing the webpage layouts for different pages and modules. The customer approved our designs in a single go. Once the designs were finalized and integrated into the website, our CodeIgniter development team developed the whole platform. They developed the required Python APIs and integrated them into the platform to make the search and representation of the information easier. Our web developers also integrated the Bing APIs to add the search engine feature into the platform. After the website development process, the team optimized the code and website as per the SEO standards, so it can work at lightning fast speed. Moreover, our testing and QA team performed the quality assurance and testing to assure the platform can cater to 100s of users in parallel without any hiccups. Our customer is happy with the delivered platform and our professional approach.
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